SEALFLEET Private and executive car hire offers a variety of top of the range vehicles for clients looking for exceptional chauffeur services around Abuja, Lagos - Nigeria and London, UK. Our luxury fleet of cars are available for day hire, traveling, corporate hospitality and events, financial road shows, business meetings and tourism within Nigeria and the UK. Our reliable professional Car Hire services would help transport you safely, punctually, confidentially and in great style through various cities. We also offer tour packages across Nigeria and in the UK.

These tours offer once in a lifetime experience unlike any other and locations are only a click away. Working with us is simple, all it takes is a computer or phone, a date on the calendar and a price range to get you started. We at Seal Fleet make offer our personal promise to create a quick and easy booking for your trip. We want this to be an experience to remember for all our customers and aim for perfection in every aspect of the company. You make the request….SEALFLEET makes it available. Make your booking HERE